Pei-Yao Hung
HCI Researcher

Researcher and Builder

Empower People with Information and Smart Environment
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Mentorship & Teaching
I have been a mentor to a variety of individuals and groups for design and research projects. I have also taught programming, prototyping, and other computer and information science courses at the undergrad level, graduate level, and for the general public.

Judges, the students I mentored, my co-mentor, and I (second from the right) when the students won the Best Experience Award at the award ceremony of the annual OpenHCI workshop.
My students and I (second from the right) posted at the last day of the C# Object-Oriented Programming Course.
Mentor - An undergraduate student with disability who uses his experience to design mobile application to support self-care at home
University of Michigan
07/2017 - 04/2018

Introduced the concept of user-centered design, designed readings and homework, provided feedback on deliverables, facilitated brainstorming.

Team Mentor - A team with 5 master students who became CHI 2016 Student Design Competition Finalist
University of Michigan
09/2015 - 05/2016

Guided analysis of interview data, provided critique of findings and design recommendations, suggested writing revisions and polished presentation flow. See "Dot-it: Managing Nausea and Vomiting for A Peaceful Pregnancy with Personal Pattern Exploration" in ACM Digital Library.

Team Mentor - A team with 6 undergrad students who received the Best Experience Award at the 1st annual OpenHCI workshop
National Taiwan University
Summer 2009

Mentored the learning and practicing of design thinking methods (e.g., persona, scenario, affinity wall) to identify problems and brainstorm a solution to streamline the dining experience in a university cafeteria.

Graduate Student Instructor – UX Field Research
University of Michigan
01/2020 - Present

Give a guest lecture to examine a case study of applying participatory design, hold office hours weekly to provide need-based assistance, and provide feedback on students' UX research plans for applying different methods (e.g., interview, survey) to sharpen their research planning skills

Graduate Student Instructor – Programming I (Python)
University of Michigan
09/2019 - 01/2019

Lead weekly lab session with 40+ students to review and practice essential programming concepts, give a mini-lecture on using a debugger to understand programs' behavior, design and review programming problem sets and solutions to examine students' understanding with auto-grader, and use Piazza (crowd-sourcing Q&A system) to engage students outside of the classroom.

Graduate Student Instructor – Introduction to Information Studies
University of Michigan
01/2015 - 04/2015

Led 3 weekly discussion session (more than 15 students per session) to examine course topics, taught a 1.5 hour lecture in Human-Computer Interaction with 240 undergraduate students, designed 2 weekly lesson plans as guidance for other instructors, and graded response papers and visualization projects to improve students' writing and visual presentations.

Graduate Student Instructor – Networked computing: Storage, Communication and Processing (Python Programming)
University of Michigan
09/2014 - 12/2014

Developed and led 3 weekly lab sessions (more than 15 master students per session) to examine important programming and computer concepts using Python, provided one on one instruction, graded programming assignments to provide feedback on the design and implementation of homework solutions, and held office hours weekly to answer additional questions.

Instructor – Workshop on How to Organize and Do a Presentation
National Taiwan University

Presented a lecture on organizing a presentation in a problem-solution format, and led a workshop to help students with an impromptu presentation.

Instructor – Adobe Flex/Flash/ActionScript Prototypting Crash Course
National Taiwan University
July 2009

Designed lecture, prepared sample code, delivered a 2 hour training course to introduce the fundamental concepts required for prototyping in Adobe Flex/Flash/ActionScript for the Intelligent Agent lab as part of its orientation.

Instructor – Object Oriented Programming using C#
National Taiwan University
January 2009

Developed syllabus, wrote lectures, created projects, presented, and graded,facilitated understanding of programming, resulting in 5 students with no technology background developing a simple calculator with graphic user interface successfully in ten days.

Teaching Assistant – Database Systems
National Taiwan University
Fall 2006

Graded assignments and held weekly office hours to answer students' questions.